The Dimensional Awareness Process™ consists of a minimum of  1 Dimensional Breathwork (Click here to visit  Learn the Dimensional Breathwork Method) with a “sitter” for each person, a course (see list below) , a  grounding meditation and sharing, a mandala drawing (optional) and a self integration process called the Intuitive Potentiation and Energetic Conditioning Method ™ (I.P.E.C)

Retreats vary in length from a weekend (Starting Friday at 7 pm and ending Sunday at 5 pm) to a 6 day retreat depending on the number of Dimensional Breathworks per individual.

List of Courses:

  1. Basic Bodywork and Breathwork
  2. Modern Shamanism
  3. Playing the Cosmic Game
  4. Music and Dimensions
  5.  Psycho-Spiritual crises
  6. Living Heart Consciousness
  7. The Dimensional Awareness Facilitator
  8. The Psychedelic Experience
  9. Leadership, Awareness and Personal Transformation
  10. Letting Go of Excess Ego
  11. Forgive to Live
  12. The Dimensional Breathwork Practitioner Method™

Note: If interested in the Dimensional Breathwork Practitioner Method and/or the Dimensional Awareness Process ™ certification program to become a facilitator please contact Marc for more info.




Retreats (Dates & Places):



May 18,19 and 20 ,Luxor Egypt Retreat 2018


May 25,26 and 27, Ireland Retreat 2018


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