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Group & Private Sessions

  • Leadership, awareness and personal transformation workshop
  • Attitude of gratitude (no matter what)
  • Develop your personal influence and impact (advanced sales skills and concepts)
  • Deal effectively with difficult people
  • Negotiate win-win situations
  • Advanced NLP for personal development and leadership
  • Goal Setting and Strategic Planning
  • Laws of Success


The Dimensional Awareness Process™ consists of a minimum of  1 Dimensional Breathwork Method ™ with a “sitter” for each person, a course/module (see list below) and a special type of meditation and self integration process called the Intuitive Potentiation and Energetic Conditioning Method ™.

Retreats vary in length from a weekend  to  a 6 day retreat depending on the number of Dimensional Breathworks per individual.


Marc Mallat, transpersonal psychologist and holder of a doctorate in business administration (D.B.A) has 31 years of experience in personal development training!
He has travelled extensively throughout the world, acquiring “hands on” knowledge and practical expertise in several different types of psychotherapies and behavioral change methods.

He has also been trained in using “non ordinary states of
consciousness” (NOSC)

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